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The Fraunhofer Cyber Range is the world's first defense training that combines the advantages of a realistic simulation platform with the latest findings from applied science as well as best practices and updates on cyber innovations. It prepares your security teams for emergencies with realistic kill chain scenarios, quickly raising their experience level and improving their cyber expertise and strategy knowledge.

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Protect your business, train your people – strengthen your security team’s skills to act as world-class cyber defenders.

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Today, the likelihood of your business or organization becoming a target of cyber-attacks is very high. It is not about when but about how an attack will affect your staff, clients, business partners, company. Defending against attacks is about two things:

  • preventing attacks in advance by taking the best security measures possible
  • in the event of an attack, having a well-trained team that can draw on proven processes and good best practices.

Ideally, you have tested and proven this in advance on our Fraunhofer Cyber Range training programs in practical exercises.

The Fraunhofer Cyber Range covers a wide range of scenarios, such as

  • Server Down,
  • tracking and tracing of infection paths,
  • Malware and Ransomware,
  • Integration of backdoors after attacks,
  • incident monitoring and
  • Analysis or Pentesting.

Prepare your team effectively and sustainably for current and future cyber attacks with our training modules. Give your team a knowledge edge and use team training to optimize collaboration and communication processes.

The Fraunhofer Cyber Range training helps your team to stay ahead of the game and to identify and fend off cyber-attacks quickly and sustainably!

  • Unique insights / next generation cybersecurity findings
  • Hyper realistic Cyber Range hands-on training
  • Best practice / cutting edge solutions

As attackers are increasingly automating and professionalizing their attacks on IT systems and infrastructures, your team will be up-to-speed with current and future attack scenarios, able to sort out false alarms from real attacks quickly and choose adequate response measures.

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Training modules

Blue Team Basic Training

3-day-training for SOC teams/employees providing you with skills to identify and fend off attacks.

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Blue Team Advanced Training

3-5 day training with more complex scenarios for higher demands on analytical skills and problem-solving competence in coping with real attack situations.

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Advanced real-time attacks combined with C-Level participation

A stress test for the whole business – Whilst your IT team defends against the attackers on your system, your management also tests processes, interfaces and communication channels to the outside and inside.

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Red Team Training

Think like an attacker to be a world-class defender! This training is a role-play where two teams will take turns to operate as attackers or defenders.

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Blue Team vs. Red Team

Attacking by the Red Team and defending by the Blue Team in real time is the goal of this module.

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Malware Analysis

A deep dive into the analysis of infection routes, creating persistence and removing malware.

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ICS Training

In this course you will learn what to do if Industrial Control Systems/Operational Technology have been compromised.

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Cyber Range training is offered in two languages:

  • German
  • English

Customized Training

You want to customize your training to your specific needs? No problem! Let us create a customized offer for your security team!
Training can be offered as online or face-to-face training.

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Our next Trainings

Can be booked as open training for individuals or as in-house training for a team.

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